Wet Clean

Dry Cleaning that is Safe for Our Environment

Safe for Your Health
Dry Cleaning that is Safe for Our Environment

Our concern for your health, the health of your family and the health of our environment is a driving force behind our business model.  With that in mind, years ago, we converted our solvent dry clean system to a system that museums use to restore artifacts.


"Eco Dry Clean" Wet Clean system

is a water based system that dry cleans without the use of solvents (hazardous or not).  This is not a new concept, our ancestors have used this method for thousands of years.  Modern society has abandoned this process for the ease of solvents, only to realize that along with the ease of solvents comes side effects.

Human health and environmental consequences are some of the problems created by the use of chemical solvents.

Garment care professionals have long known the penetrating power and cleaning capabilities of using enzymes and citrus as cleaning tools along with natural oils to recondition the fibers of natural materials.  You will love how well Mother Nature cares for all your clothes, from ever day garments to the most delicate heirlooms.

Our specially designed computer controlled machines allow us to delicately clean everything from your designer couture garments to everyday sportswear.  This has earned us recognition from government agencies to the news media to dry cleaners from around the world, all the while providing you with a healthier, cleaner garment.