Green Dry Cleaning Process

What is a certified green dry cleaner?

We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement; we are an established dry cleaner changing an industry.

Pacific Heights Cleaners is 100% dedicated to using a non toxic dry cleaning system to protect the health of our customers and our environment.  After extensive research the system we choose is Eco dry clean.  This system is endorsed by many organizations such as the United States EPA, the California Air Resource Board, the UCLA Sustainable technology & policy program along with the San Francisco department of Environment to name a few.

Quality, service & value is a small only a part of our philosophy.  We take the time to properly sort, inspect and pre–spot each and every garment before cleaning.  All the stain removal products we use are safe for disposal into the municipal sanitation system.

Using specially designed machines Eco dry clean is completely different than traditional solvent dry cleaning.  History repeats itself in many ways and this system is one of those referring back in time.  Unlike modern dry cleaning which uses an array of solvents, whether they are toxic or not, as the cleaning solution, Eco dry clean differs by using a water based solution that contains a protein soap that is acidic in the Ph scale.  Since the majority of dirt & stains are water soluble, this system provides the perfect platform for a thorough cleaning.  A specially designed machine allows us to clean in ways other machines can't.  This technology allows for total control of the cleaning process, everything from the amount of agitation in the cleaning cycle to the super high–speed extraction. The basis of this cleaning method was what was used around the world before the modern invention of solvents.  You'll notice that your garments will feel cleaner, colors will look brighter & smell fresher all while being safe for you & the environment.

A specially design computer controlled dryer, with numerous sensors, help extract the residual moisture in the garments using a vacuum system along with low heat generated from steam.  This sophisticated design dries the garments to perfection in minutes.

After completing the cleaning & drying cycle the garments are put onto special tensioning machines to steam out wrinkles & restore the original shape.  Each one of these units is specifically designed for this purpose. To take care of the details so you will look your best.

Non–toxic dry cleaning is only a small part of our overall commitment to your health and the health of our environment.

To preserve the environment we use polypropylene hangers, as well as plant based soaps in our laundry, enzyme based stain removers are great products for stain removal without using chemicals, we even offer green garmento reusable polypropylene garment bags.

In leading the change in our industry we have set our standards high, well above superior quality & solvent free dry cleaning.  We reach out to other dry cleaners, holding demonstrations to give them an over view of this non–toxic system, answer their questions as well as train them and help them make the conversion to a safer system.

We work with non–profit organizations such as Zero Breast Cancer to help inform & educate the community of the hazards of dry cleaning with solvents.  We have created incentive programs for our customers in which a portion of the Eco dry cleaning revenue is donated back to the community (as well as The Marine Mammal Center).

For more information on Eco dry-cleaning visit our web site.  Visit our blog site, Your Green Dry Cleaner, for garment care & stain removal tips sign up for our newsletter to keep up with our community involvement.

"We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement; we are an established dry cleaner changing an industry."