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My ancestors in Asia have been cleaning clothes with their primitive version of Wet Clean for thousands of years, only in modern society have we turned to solvents to clean clothes. But as any historian will tell you history always repeats itself.  We as a society transitioned to solvents because they are easy to use, only to come to the realization that they have toxic side effects.  Museums around the world use a similar non toxic water base system to restore artifacts.  A water base system cleans better than any solvent all the while keeping the colors brighter and the garments smelling and feeling cleaner.

We are one of the first dry cleaners in the San Francisco Bay Area and California to make the transition away from Perchloroethylene (PERC), a known carcinogen. One of our motivating factors for this change was that our aunt and our uncle who worked in the industry died of cancer. Our father who started Pacific Heights Cleaners in 1969 has chronic health issues related to years of exposure to the PERC solvent.  Many of the cleaning solvents currently used by dry cleaners such as GreenEarth and Hydrocarbon present similar health related issues.  It is ironic that everything that these solvents touch is considered toxic waste - except the clothes.

To be a truly green dry cleaner one must be certified by a reputable agency and the products involved are manufactured, transported, used, and disposed of without toxic effects.  The Bay Area Green Business Program is the only government agency certifying dry cleaners in California.  The main criteria is that a dry cleaner must use the Wet Clean system or the Carbon Dioxide system as the sole dry cleaning method.  I am proud to say that Pacific Heights Cleaners is the first to be green certified in both San Francisco County and Marin County.  Over the years we have gone far beyond the requirement of The Bay Area Green Business Program.  We are striving for as green and sustainable as possible by using a plant base soap in our laundry, enzymes and other natural products for our stain removal agents.  As you read through our website you will see we are passionate about what we do and how we do it.  We are changing the world, by starting with our little corner.

Following are links to organization that study, evaluate, and explain these solvents:

The California Air Resources Board (CARB)
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