Supporting Our Community

Supporting Our Community

Living Together As One
of the World

It is easy for a business to claim they support their community, but what does that really mean?

Caring for our community isn't just about donating a few dollars to our local schools and organizations.  It's about being socially conscious and environmentally aware.  Making changes so you don't contaminate the ground water with toxic solvents, eliminating products that emit hazards into the air we breathe, and taking the time to use products that are safe for your health.

Yes, we support our schools and the local organizations...but there is more to our community, our community is the health of everything around us.

    We as well as many of the local small businesses support our schools:

      Willow Creek Academy, Sausalito
      Russian Hill School, San Francisco
      The Hamlin School, San Francisco
      Town School for Boys, San Francisco
      Convent of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco
      Stuart Hall, San Francisco
      Sherman Elementary School, San Francisco
      Lycee Francais La Perouse, San Francisco & Corte Madera

    On an ongoing basis we support our community organizations:

      Zero Breast Cancer
      Nancy's List
      San Francisco Environment
      The Marine Mammal Center
      City of Sausalito / Southern Marin Performing Stars Holiday Toy Drive
      City of Sausalito's Jazz By The Bay
      The Osher Marin JCC
      Delancey Street Foundation
      The Sausalito Women's Club
      Rotary Housing Corporation, Sausalito
      The Rotary Club of Sausalito
      Floating Homes Association, Sausalito
      The Bay Area Discovery Museum
      Marin City Community Development Corporation

Supporting our community doesn't always mean donating to schools and organizations.   We also support our community by supporting our staff's well-being with benefits that many small companies don't offer such as health care, 401(k) retirement plan, and profit sharing.

When we say we care about our community we mean we care about all aspects of our community, from the people... to the wild life... to our environment. We are all connected as one.