Garment Repairs

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The Aftermath of a Rambunctious Boy

What looks tattered to some is a fashion statement to another.  However, if you have a boy under the age of 14 you will immediately recognize that his new jeans did not come with the hole in the knee.  Not to fret, we can easily add a stylish reinforcement patch to the knee area that will allow him to continually slide into the kitchen without injury to his knee.

Have you ever bent down to pick something up only to hear a tearing sound.  Don't you just hate it when manufactures use inferior thread to sew the seat of your pant.  We can repair the seat of your pant with several rolls of reinforcement stitches so you will never have an embarrassing moment again.

Whatever the problem may be, whether it's a tear in the lining of your lucky business suit jacket or a broken zipper in your favorite pair of jeans, we can repair the garment to provide you continued pleasure. Bring in any repair needs you may have and we can discuss the different repair possibilities.

No commitment.  No pressure.  Only solutions.