Pacific Heights Cleaners’ award winning environmentally safe "certified green" garment care service is a step above and Zero Breast Cancer Award to Pacific Heights Cleaners - San Francisco | Sausalito beyond our competition. We use a time mastered process to clean and restore garments one at a time to ensure every piece you entrust to us receives individual attention and care.

Many designer garments require special cleaning and finishing techniques to preserve that designer style. We are renowned for providing quality care for your favorite garments, ranging from a Giorgio Armani business suit, to that casual Friday Tommy Bahama sportswear. Our skilled artisans are specialized in cleaning high-end event wear such as Evening Gowns and Tuxedo's.

What about treasured keepsakes you ask?

We can clean your child's precious baby blanket and stuffed animal to use tonight or to keep for a lifetime.

For over 40 years we have been respected in our community for our love, passion, and pride towards quality and service which has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers and community. We care for your valued treasures, beloved TV couch covers, and everyday garments as if they were our own.

Precious Keepsakes

Have allergies?

Our skilled artisans use unconventional, yet traditional cleaning methods that are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Garment care professionals have known the cleaning power of water for thousands of years, only in modern society have we turn to solvents for our cleaning needs.

Our concern for your health, the health of your family and the health of our environment has earned Pacific Heights Cleaners recognition among our peers.

The California legislators; Assemblyman Jared Huffman, Senator Mark Leno and health-oriented organizations such as Zero Breast Cancer have honored us with awards for being an activist and a pioneer in our community with the "Wet Clean" dry clean system, a non-toxic chemical-free dry cleaning system.

Many products and garments made for your children and your home come with toxic finishes that may be harmful to their health. New items such as clothes, stuffed animals, baby bumpers, crib blankets, comforters, and cushion covers collect allergens from dirty factories , shipping containers, and stores. Cleaning the items will remove these toxic chemicals and allergens as well as leave them smelling as fresh as the outdoor air that we breathe.

This process removes the toxic finishes, it eliminates musty smells, molds, dust mites and allergens from where your child spends most of their time, on pillows, blankets, bedspreads, couch covers, and rugs.

Special Mementos

Quality takes experience, time and patience. . .

Our environmentally friendly cleaning will revitalize colors, clean, remove stains and smells from old yellowing table linens, antique clothing, and stuffed animals. Through years of experience we have mastered the process of removing stains and mold from delicate items without damaging the garment or the color.

Esquire magazine has honored us as the best dry cleaners in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our museum quality non-toxic cleaning system is ideal for wedding gowns, sequined evening gowns, children's keepsake, and great grandmother's family heirlooms. When you entrust Pacific Heights Cleaners to clean, restore, and preserve your most treasured items to pass on to future generations, you can rest assured that your treasure will remain as impeccable as the day it was preserved.


Is your dry cleaner Green Certified?

The Wet Clean system is the only dry clean system available today that is accepted by the San Francisco Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Don't be fooled by misleading claims, trust only to those who are "Green Certified" when your health is at stake.

The Zero Breast Cancer organization has recognized our efforts in eliminating the hazardous solvents used in traditional dry cleaning that are linked to breast cancer, making our "Eco Dry Clean" Wet Clean system non toxic, hazardous waste free, and safe for your health.

To provide you with a certified green dry clean garment, we have developed unique cleaning techniques along with naturally derived hypoallergenic cleaning products that are approved by the San Francisco Bay Area Green Business Program and the San Francisco Department of Environment.

These techniques are practiced by our skilled staff using specialized European dry cleaning and finishing equipment. They are highly sophisticated machines specifically designed to address your garments' exact requirements. Achieving exceptional results for your treasured garments and active sportswear, that are just not possible with standard dry cleaning and pressing methods.