Grandma´s Heirlooms

Antique Clothing, Tablecloths, Loomed Quilts

Restoring Your Family Treasures

One rarely stops to appreciate the important treasures in life until they are gone. I never valued the importance of family mementos until I lost everything in the Oakland Hills fire.  Only then do you realize the importance of properly caring for these items.

Entrusting these precious pieces to an experienced professional that will clean them using only certified non toxic museum quality cleaning methods will ensure that the next generation will have these fine treasures to enjoy as much as you have.  The art of restoring your great grandmother's laced tablecloth or her hand loomed quilt requires the use of natural enzymes to whiten and brighten the article back to its original state.

For three generations we have been respected in our community for our love, passion, and pride towards quality and service. This has earned us the trust and loyalty of our customers.  We care for your family heirlooms, beloved stuffed animals of your youth, and your children's first baby blanket as if they were our own.