Certified Green Laundry

Natural Green Clothes Cleaning

A Healthy Natural Laundry
Like Your Mother's

"We call it cleaning with Mother Nature"

We care for your clothes as your mother would, without the use of harsh alkaline detergents, no abrasive machines, and no hard presses.  Our trained staff takes the time to use specific natural green products to pretreat the stains and soiled areas allowing us to use much gentler biodegradable products.  Cleaning with natural plant base soaps and enzymes means our waste water is better for the environment.  In addition to the environmental benefits these products preserve the brightness in the colors as well as maintaining the life of the material.

To further preserve the quality of your clothes, we use European computer controlled finishing units.  These units provide the care required by fine designer garments.  Simply put, in lieu of hard-hot pressing clothes to make them smooth, these advanced machines blow the garments with dry steam and air to eliminate the wrinkles.  This process creates a much livelier, softer looking material, all the while being gentler on the fabric.

Eliminating the harsh chemicals such as phosphates, surfactants, and chlorine from your clothes creates a better looking, healthier garment for you and our environment.  You will love the natural look and feel of your garments.