Leading Our Industry

Leading Our Industry

Changing Our Little Corner
of the World

Leading an industry is a bold statement to make and difficult to live up too.  We started by looking in the mirror and changing within.  Long before the State of California banned the use of Perchloroethylene (PERC) in dry cleaners we made the decision to eliminate it from our dry cleaning process.  The health concerns for our staff, our customers, and our community is our primary objective when we chose to use the "Eco Dry Clean" Wet Clean system to dry clean clothes.  Others over time have made the switch away from PERC only to use a petroleum or silicone based solvent.

There is no law that restricts a dry cleaners from using high alkaline soaps to wash clothes, yet we chose to use a pH neutral plant based soap because it is gentler on your garments and kinder to our environment.  That statement holds true for the natural spotting agents we use to remove stains.  Enzymes and citrus based oil removers are much safer for your health than chemical solvents used within the industry.  It is this caring for our community and environment that has earned us the Zero Breast Cancer - Francine Levien Activist Award in 2009.

In this day and age of green and sustainable awareness many dry cleaners are jumping on the bandwagon.  However, most of these dry cleaners are using some form of alternative chemical solvent to dry clean your clothes, whether it be a hydrocarbon - petroleum or a silicone D5 - GreenEarth solvent they all produce hazardous waste.  The Wet Clean system is the most accepted green and sustainable dry cleaning system at this time, certified green by the Bay Area Green Business Program.  Pacific Heights Cleaners is the first in San Francisco county and Marin county to be green certified.  We are one of the first in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of about a hundred dry cleaners in California that is dedicated to solely using this certified green system.  As California is currently leading the entire world with the number of users of this technology, we continually receive emails from around the world inquiring about our process.  So you can see that we are leading our industry by setting the green and sustainable standards for others to follow.

"We are not business people capitalizing on the green movement, we are an established dry cleaner changing our industry!"