San Francisco Green Business

Pacific Heights Cleaners: A City of San Francisco Certified Green Dry Cleaner

Certified Green Business

The San Francisco Environment is a government agency operated by the City and County of San Francisco.  This department evaluates each industry to create a green and sustainable criteria for the businesses in their respective industry to follow.  A business that is certified green by the San Francisco Environment must adhere to a stringent guideline that extends well beyond recycling.  With so many claims of being green and sustainable in our society it is difficult to know whether a business is truly green or merely green washing.  Rest assured that if a business is certified green by the San Francisco Environment they have been vetted to meet a stringent requirement.

What does this all mean in regards to a dry cleaner that is certified green and one that claims to be green.  In order for a dry cleaner to become a certified green business in San Francisco they must eliminate the use of chemical solvents regardless of the toxic rating.  They do not allow chlorine based, petroleum based, or silicone base dry cleaning solvents.  The dry cleaner must solely use either a water based or carbon dioxide based system as the dry cleaning solution.  The stain removal products have also been tested to meet the same stringent requirements.

In choosing a certified green dry cleaner, you have a peace of mind that you and your clothes are cleaned with the safest products for your health and for the environment.  There are no disputes regarding the toxicity level of the solvent, there are no any misleading use of words, only the safest dry cleaning system available!