Garment Alterations

Expert Tailoring

Customizing the Fit to You

How many times have you gone shopping and found the perfect piece to match an outfit only to find that it doesn't fit quite the way you want it.  We can customize that piece to fit perfectly like it was custom made for you.  What looks sloppy or too large can be adjusted with a few simple minor alterations.  A small tweak of a sleeve, a tuck in the sides to give it shape, or shortening the hem an inch will drastically change how the garment looks, feels, and fits on you.

There are no standard size bodies, everyone's shape and size is a little different. Rarely does anyone find things off the shelf that fit perfectly.  As long as the main structure of the garment fits the extremities can be altered.  A tuck in the waist band to rest it on your hips will make the pant or skirt hang correctly.  Shortening the sleeves to hang at your wrist will make that shirt look like a custom fit for you as opposed to a borrowed shirt from a friend.  You will be surprised how different an overcoat will look by shortening the hem an inch.  Altering the hem of a pant to reduce multiple breaks will make a sloppy pant instantly look stylish.  We can easily change the style of a pant by tapering that flared bell bottom hem to make it a straight leg pant or turn a "A Line" skirt into a stylish straight skirt.

Customizing a garment to fit you is much less expensive than custom tailoring from scratch.  For just a few dollars, a suit off the rack will look like a million bucks. You'll be looking stylish, tailored, and fitted without any hassle or fuss.  Simply bring in the garment you would like tweaked and our professionally trained tailor will take care of the rest.